Battery storage systems

Reducing environmentally harmful emissions by contributing to sustainability.

Systems using battery and control technology through ESG
(environmental social and governance) sustainability.

Energy storage systems for hire and sale for various applications:
generator sets, photovoltaics, grid support and replacement of pneumatic applications.

Power X storages are based on SoNiCK salt «green» battery technology.

This technology does not require any temperature control and has no explosion or fire hazards like other technologies.

They are in solid form and become active only when they are heated and then assume the liquid state. This situation called "warmup" is conducted in the start-up phase.

SoNick– Sodium Nickel Technolofy for Green Energy Storage Application

SoNick ST523 benefits:

Zero ambient emission
No hazardous components
Redundant safety features
(chemistry, cell, battery module and BMS)
Scalable with parallel operation
Light and compact footprint: high energy density and design
Compatible with DC power supply and bidirectional inverters
Flexibility of installation
Suitable for any place of installation (IP43)
Range of operating temperature in standard conditions: -20°C to 60°C / -4°F to 140°F