Electrical modular containerized substations

Customized Modular E-House for onshore and offshore installation, designed with fire ratings up to H120 (in compliance with BS EN 12079-1:2006), with the capacity to withstand seismic and blast events, suitable for ambient temperatures between -45°C and +55°C, resistant to the worst environmental conditions supplied with special paint coating cycles (jet fires).

The E-House are fully developed to the customer requirements and specifications including the following items (if any): Extinguishing systems, F&G systems, P.A.G.A. and T.V.C.C. systems, HVAC and Pressurization System, Lighting and Small Power Distribution system, Lightning Protection and Earthing system.

Starting with client input, we will be able to develop an integrated solution custom-built to the application and environmental condition on site. It is perfectly fitted for diesel generator and electrical substation design and engineering interface with plant requirements.

Plug and play integrated power solution
A modular approach is key to creating large-scale structures, taking due account of the transit constraints or any potentially problematic conditions (weight limits, road or railway transport, presence of nearby structures, etc.).