CHP systems

Compagnia Tecnica Motori contribution to a sustainable future comes from its long-lasting experience with multiple fuels and a wide range of CHP Systems & technologies.

Compagnia Tecnica Motori design is focused on the highest reliability and highest thermal heat recovery associated to the most efficient use of any fuel type.

CTM combined heat and power solutions includes:

Flexibility analysis
Authorization process
Design, manufacturing, construction and commissioning service and maintenance

Our heat recovery systems are designed and built to give solutions toall following needs:

Hot water
Superheated water
Saturated steam
Diathermic oil
Low temperature hot water recovery with condensing systems
Hot air for drying technologies
Chilled water (trigeneration system with lithium bromide absorber and related cooling water)

Thanks to the experience on several CHP systems, we are now skilled in optimizing
new plants in combination with existing ones.

The combined use of mechanical and thermal energy is a winning choice either with traditional fuels (natural gas) then renewable ones (crude vegetable oil); Compagnia Tecnica Motori achieved a high experience using:
Diesel fuel oil - Methane - Propane - LPG – Biogas - Bio diesel - Landfill gas - Vegetable oils - Animal Fats

These systems include emissions control, heat recovery biogas pre-treatment

SCR Emissions Control Systems
Selective Catalytic Reduction (SCR) systems reduce NOx emissions by introducing urea in conjunction with metal catalyst SCR systems also generally include an oxidation catalyst for reducing CO emissions.

Heat Recovery Steam Generators (HRSG)
The high-temperature exhaust gases from our reciprocating engines can be used to economically generate steam up to about 120 psig. While the jacket water coolant heat from the engine remains available for lower temperature healing applications, such as domestic hot water. CTM engineers work with the site engineer and top HRSG manufacturers to match the engine exhaust conditions with the facility's needs. Equipment with either smoke-tube or water-tube designs can be provided, complete with ASME certification and full steam generation controls.

Absorption chillers convert the thermal energy in hot water and exhaust gases into chilled water that can be used in building HVAC systems. CTM not only engineer and supply absorption chillers matched to the CHP systems and facility needs, but we also supply the pumping and cooling systems required to make the overall system function.
We can also engineer and supply high-efficiency electric chillers to coordinate with the absorbers to provide the complete cooling needs of a facility.

Gas treatment
Biogas typically requires pre-treatment before combustion in the engine to remove contaminants such as sulphur, H2S and siloxanes, among others. In addition, dehumidification and pressurization are also typically required. Working with experienced partners. CTM supplies complete gas treatment systems to ensure proper biogas conditions entering the engine.