Project Description

75 MW Power Plant in Castellanza, contracted by Metaenergia
Gas Generators with fast-starting Wartsila technology for an efficient grid balancing ofTerna capacity market.

A solution of the electricity system consistent with decarbonisation objectives.

The plant includes:
N.4 Wartsila 18V50SG gas generators - 18,4 MWe each and all auxiliaries systems (CHP boiler, exhaust stacks with SCR, MV and LV switchgears, synchronisation and monitoring PLC systems)

CTM have delivered the complete facility in Turnkey solution including:
the engineering, procurements and mechanical and electrical construction.
All civil works from CTL, a subsidiary company of CTM.

Project Details

  • Client : METAENERGIA
  • Date : JUNE 2023
  • End User : METAENERGIA